Characteristics of a Misogynist

It may seem obvious, but I decided to list the patterns of misogynistic mindsets I have encountered in the past (both on and offline.)

1. In addition to being sexist, they are also usually racist, homophobic, ageist, classist, and overall very judgmental towards other people.

It makes sense that those who look down on roughly 50% of the world’s population are not generally open to people-lovin’.  They have a very narrow set of traits they approve of and refuse to tolerate the rest.

2.  They categorize other males into “alpha” and “beta” categories.

Until recently, I only thought these were Greek letters and types of radiation.  However, it turns out that some adult men are yet to mentally graduate middle school, and choose to believe that the world consists of a metaphorical popular group that is their life’s purpose to join.

3.  According to them, there is nothing worse in life than being single, a virgin, or rejected by women (you know, the people they despise.)

It’s not like people have to deal with other challenges in their life (family illness, abuse, living in poverty, violence, being bullied, harassed, etc.)  I’ve actually met a handful of guy-children who consider themselves “traumatized” because when they were growing up, they didn’t get dates in high school.  In some cases, girls were actually mean to them.  However, in other cases, the problem was that girls simply refused to notice or talk to them.  Now they are disillusioned and jaded about women.

Wow, I didn’t realize that not getting asked to prom could have such a lasting impact.

4.  They categorize women according to a ‘slut/traditional housewife’ dichotomy. 

This is similar to the “virgin-whore” dichotomy.  However, for them, the women in their lives are either sluts they get into bed or a traditional housewife if/when they choose to marry.  Just to be clear, these two categories DO NOT overlap.  If you are a slut, you’re damaged goods and no longer wifey material.

5.  They hate feminism.

Wait, was this obvious?


Anything I missed?


4 thoughts on “Characteristics of a Misogynist

  1. #3 — To add to that, they will act super sweet when trying to woo a woman. Once it is clear that no sex will be had immediately or that the woman is only interested in friendship, they turn into Mr. Hyde. Suddenly they can’t stop telling anyone who asks (or doesn’t ask) about what a bitch she is, and probably a slut too.

    #4 — I would argue that there’s a secret third category of “bitch.” Any woman who rejects him, or has the audacity to challenge him or have her own voice is stuck into this category. Double points if the woman is someone the man is attracted to; he will hate her the most.

    😦 love your post, lol.

  2. I’d add that women too can be misogynist in their language against other women. And that misogyny can often be strategically disguised in excessive doting, “protective” behavior. Unfortunately misogynist behavior is multifaceted, always changing in the outward portrayal, while at it’s core it remains the same: hatred of women.

    • I agree. I address female misogyny briefly in another one of my posts. However, I noticed that a lot of sexist guys fall into the pattern of behaviors listed above. Benevolent sexism is also definitely a thing. I was tempted to add a category about men who lament the recent trend towards women becoming independent, because now men no longer have roles as their providers. (I’ve actually read this in a couple of articles.)

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