Things That Don’t Seem But Are So Blatantly Obviously Sexist

1. The term “career woman”.

2. The word “chick”.

3. The phrase “having it all.”

4. Asking men if they appreciate intelligence in a woman. 

Waiting for a man to approve of intelligent women does not advance women’s liberation in any way.  People become intelligent because learning is fun, not to impress their suitors. (Guys who flaunt their “worldly” knowledge and jobs in front of girls are just arrogant show offs, not sexy.)

5. “You don’t know you’re beautiful.”

You know what I mean.  (Hey, tagline reference.)  So I don’t have to know that I’m beautiful, just you?  Nah, fuck that.

6. ‘How to Attract Women’ manuals. 

AKA, Pick Up Artistry (PUA), “The Game” tactics, Laws of Attraction, etc.  Manuals that generalize and objectify women and teach men that they can date women via manipulation, mind games, and control.  How sexy and romantic.

BTW I call out manuals on attracting men as well.  AKA, “Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man” and other BS.  Some people make money out of treating love like it’s a game.

7.  The word “tomboy”.

The word “tomboy” still implies that there is a right way to be a girl or a boy (in Western cultural terms.) In my opinion, the term is outdated in 2013. It also just so happens that boys get stuck with all the cool traits – independent, brave, high-achieving, etc., and girls get stuck with lame stuff: being delicate, beautiful (something you really don’t have control over), and lovely (whatever that means.)


4 thoughts on “Things That Don’t Seem But Are So Blatantly Obviously Sexist

  1. Agreed! And when guys misuse the term ‘passive aggressive’ – that one really makes me mad. She’s not being passive aggressive, she’s plain old angry!

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