Post-feminists vs. Anti-feminists

So some people have taken a stance against feminism – and consider themselves anti-feminist – because they genuinely believe that as of now, feminism is no longer needed in American/Western society.  In other words, we live in a post-feminist society where feminism has already reached its basic goals and institutional equality is in place.

I honestly don’t find anything wrong with people feeling this way.  I think it is great if people feel that they are living in an equitable society where they are treated fairly.  However, what is the need to turn 180 degrees become a total anti-feminist?  These people, after asserting that feminism has already done its thing and can go along its merry way – stay on the Internet to rant against feminists and attack individual feminist bloggers and You-Tubers.

To those of you who claim that you are simply anti-feminist because feminism is “no longer needed”, I am not fooled.  If you honestly didn’t need feminism, you would currently be enjoying the peace, justice, and equality you live in and not hating on Internet feminists.  Seriously, what have they done to you?  Feminists and civil rights activists are the reasons why we currently no longer “need” feminism, so what are you hating on, exactly?  If I felt that racism no longer existed in America, I would be celebrating, not angrily bashing modern-day civil rights activists on the Internet.

So for those of you who feel that feminism and civil rights have achieved, once and for all, absolute institutional equality, I’m happy for you.  I imagine you must have other productive things to do in your life.  Meanwhile, I choose to stay back on the blogosphere and call out petty cultural stereotypes; double standards; sexual harassment; cyber-bullies; rape jokes; the fact that – except the inclusion of pornography – Hollywood themes are frozen in the 1960’s; pop media’s constant snarking of female public figures; and slut-shaming.  I’m sure you should have no problem with me refusing to put up with this crap so that I, too, can live peacefully.


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