The Complications of Douchebag Sex

I like sex as much as the next person.  I also understand that sex can take many different forms.  In college, a very common form of sex is hook-up sex.  I’m all for college kids achieving sex in whatever way they can, as long as they stay safe while doing it.

I have had a couple of one-night stands in my life.  Nothing wrong with one-night stands, in general.  However, heaven forbid you end up having a one-night stand with a douchebag.

Basically, this douchebag has made it his mission to bed a woman tonight (and every night he goes out, which is like five nights a week.)  I don’t find any problem with this.  Chances are, there is also a girl out there who has had a long day/week, and would like to enjoy some sexytime adventures this weekend.  So she goes home with this guy, does the romp in the sack, and returns home around 2 in the morning after kissing him goodbye and probably exchanging phone numbers.

So you would think this guy would be grateful that he got what he wanted and just move on to the next conquest.  But no.

Instead, he decides to tell all his friends what a whore she is.

He brags about himself while bringing her down, calling her a slag, slut, whore, or cunt.  He might even embellish his account of the types of sexy-time activities she did with him if it improves his image.  He might describe her as a girl who is willing to do anything and anyone at anytime – as if she is just some sort of a sex machine.  But not the badass sex machine that he is.  She is a slut.

So, my friends, consider carefully what types dudes deserve you even for one night.  Remember that no matter what choice you make, you won’t win with these douchebags.  If you sleep with him, you’re a slut; if you don’t sleep with him, you’re a bitch who hates nice guys.  Good luck.


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