Dressing Up as a Witch for Halloween

I loved witches when I was younger. This is even before Harry Potter and Wicked made them cool for my generation. I didn’t like the fact that they were evil, but there was something about them that piqued my imagination as a kid. They could fly, do magic, and brew interesting substances. How cool! In a way, during the early ’90s, witches were like the female superheroes. Except they weren’t. They were villains. Villains who duped innocent, pretty women into eating poisoned apples, stole babies, and tried to steal ruby slippers.

But how many times have we seen this trope? Pretty, nice, and dumb go together in traditional fairy tales. Any sort of power or intelligence in a woman comes in a package of evil. And old-ness, of course.

I have to admit that I was a weakling when I was young. After numerous kindergarten classmates questioned my witch costume choices, their arguments along the lines of “witches are BAD”, I opted for princess costumes for the rest of elementary school. However, I reverted back to my witch ways in middle school onwards. And I have my hat ready for tomorrow. Trick or treat!


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