I have no problem with men’s rights activism

Lower case.

Feminism discusses and targets women’s issues.  Likewise, men have every right to advocate and support causes that concern them, as well.  It’s all about the civil rights.

While I appreciate pro-feminist men, I honestly don’t expect men to understand what are ‘feminist issues’ (for example, portrayal of women in the media, street harassment, etc.)  The culture that women live in has some elements that just do not overlap with the culture that men live in, so we can’t expect them to really understand all the issues.

Likewise, I am not perceptive of all the issues concerning men.

However, I doubt that advocating for men’s welfare is in the sincere interests of capital-case Men’s Rights Activists, who – from what I’ve seen – mainly complain about the fact that feminism has nothing to address men’s rights interests.

Um, because we deal with women’s rights issues?

However, good luck to the MRA’s who are truly dedicated to their cause, and not just writing hate comments on the Internet.


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